Sir William Rowan Hamilton

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Tribute to Sir William Hamilton

Hello and welcome! This page is dedicated to the life and work of Sir William Rowan Hamilton.

William Rowan Hamilton was Ireland's greatest scientist. He was an mathematician, physicist, and astronomer and made important works in optics, dynamics, and algebra.

His contribution in dynamics plays a important role in the later developed quantum mechanics. His name was perpetuated in one of the fundamental concepts in quantum mechanics, called "Hamiltonian".

The Discovery of Quaternions is probably is his most familiar invention today.

2005 was the Hamilton Year, celebrating his 200th birthday. The year was dedicated to celebrate Irish Science. 2005 was called the Einstein year also, reminding of three great papers of the year 1905. So UNESCO designated 2005 to be the World Year of Physics

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