Sir William Rowan Hamilton

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Hamilton Key Dates

  • 4th of August 1805: Hamilton was Born in Dublin
  • 22nd of October 1832: Predicts conical refraction
  • 15th of August 1835: Knighted at the BAAS meeting
  • 12th of December 1837: Elected as President of the Royal Irish Academy
  • 16th of October 1843: Discovers Quaternions and scratches the formula on the Broome Bridge
  • 9th of January 1865: Elected as the first foreign member of the National Academy of Science of the USA
  • 2nd of September 1865: Hamilton dies
  • 17th of September 1958: Eamon De Valera unveils a plaque in honour of Hamilton at Broome Bridge
  • 2005: The Hamilton Year